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General Dentistry

As a family dental care practice, we offer general dentistry for adults and children. From common problems to orthodontic concerns, we feature an array of dental services to meet your needs all in one convenient location. Our primary goal is to make you feel at ease in our facilities and confident in our abilities from the moment you sit in our chair to the moment you leave our office.



Crowns (or caps) are placed on teeth that have significant damage. These teeth have so much damage that a filling would not adequately restore the tooth back to predictable long term health. The crowns we place in our office are typically metal free, thus mimic natural teeth that are adjacent to the restoration. We even can make your crown in our office and cement it on the tooth on the same day if so desired, eliminating the need for a second visit and wearing a temporary.

Tooth Extractions

Root Canals



Dental Implants

Digital X-Ray

Dental Restoration

We will diagnose and recommend the best solution to all your restoration needs. We want to restore all teeth that need care with the best dental restoration that fits your needs. Our doctors are constantly attending continuing education classes on the most up to date materials to provide long term dental health to our patients.

Dental Bridge

Emax Veneers

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is a term used for any restoration that is bonded to the natural tooth structure. It can be used to fill in spaces or repair areas that have cavities or blemishes that need to be masked. Enamel can be repaired using tooth colored resin material or porcelain.


Braces & Invisalign®