I could not begin to tell how much I appreciate Dr. Hildenbrand and the staff. To start, I have had migraine headaches for 15 years. Doctors could not find anything abnormal and just told me I was going to have to endure them. Take medications long term just was not in my plans. Dr. Crosswhite, my regular physician referred me to Dr. Hildenbrand. He immediately within one visit told me I had TMJ. I had suspected it but never found anyone that could diagnose it, much less treat it. He and his staff made me a mouthpiece to wear. I could not believe what a difference! From 15 to 18 migraines a month to 3 or 4 was amazing! I could actually plan my life again! I was so afraid to leave the house because I never knew when a migraine was going to control my day. They also do a great job with maintenance and cleaning. I am so glad Dr. Crosswhite referred me. I would and will suggest this clinic to anyone that wants great work and smiles and, of course, a staff that makes you smile when you walk in the office.

Yvonne Smart Barnett


The top-notch skill of the dentists and hygenists. Their skill-level, knowledge, expertise and “bedside” manner exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely refer Doctor Monroe to a family member or friend. He removed all of Adam’s wisdom teeth – two of which were difficult extractions. Adam experienced relatively little pain and no swelling. Dr. Monroe called a few hours after the surgery to check on Adam. We could not have been more pleased with him and are glad to recommend him highly.

Alison Jones

Dr. Rayburn was very professional, telling me up front what to expect after my crowns and bridgework were completed. He recently fitted my daughter for braces as well. I highly recommend Dr. Rayburn and his courteous staff.

Jennifer Ezell